Le jouet de dentition parfait pour les gencives de votre bébé! Il est composé de différentes textures afin de favoriser le développement sensoriel de bébé et les matériaux utilisés sont 100% sécuritaires.


SKU : 010
  • - High quality beech wood ring. The wood ring can be treated with a mix of extra virgin olive oil and vegan wax to prevent damages. Please refer to the picture for the difference between treated or untreated ring.


    - Handmade in Quebec


    - Do NOT immerge the wood ring under water nor freeze it.


    - The bunny ears are made of cotton and polyester and teay have been prewashed with a safe detergent.


    - Care instructions: machine wash bunny ears at gentle cycle and dry flat.


    WARNING: Please supervise babies while using any products to reduce choking hazards. Make sure to check items periodically to ensure product quality and safety. Stop using immediately if any damage occurs

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